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Glutatonic “Sublingual Glutathione with inositol and Nicotinamide

  • Assist in ATP production
  • Prevent mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Protect from oxidative damage

Boswell natural anti-inflammatory

  • Suppresses inflammation of the joints
  • Increases velocity of synovial fluid (joint fluid)
  • Blocks inflammatory enzyme which contributes to arthritis asthma inflammatory skin conditions etc.
  • No side effects non-addictive
  • Safe and effective for animals
  • Safe long-term use


5-HTP plus sublingual 5-HTP /GABA spray

  • Reduced appetite and cravings
  • Fat loss Accelerater /optimize fat metabolism
  • Increases energy
  • Reduce feelings of depression and anxiety
  • Promotes quality of sleep
  • Sublingual absorption

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